The Smoking Gun Pepper Co.

If you love Pepper, you are going to LOVE our product!

A new and very exciting product has been created in the little town of Princeton, BC Canada. A product unlike anything else on the market today. Sure similar products have been tried but nothing comes close to the flavours and aromas we offer in our peppercorns.

Pepper has been the most used spice for centuries, cooking with alcohol has also been around for many years, and smoked foods are everyone's favorite. We put it all together to come up with something that adds a delightful flair to your meal.

It's all about the unique recipe and process. Through a long and expensive process we infuse peppercorns with whiskey, wine or rum and smoke to give an exciting new flavour to all your favorite foods.

Hundreds of test samples were handed out and we have received 100% positive feedback. Foodies and personally claimed gourmets love our product. As well, many chefs throughout BC are experimenting with the product and have given the thumbs up. Plus restaurants are starting to ask for samples.

We hope you will try our products and drop us a note, like us on face book, share us, and perhaps visit our website and write about your favorite dish with our peppercorn products.

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Infused Smoked Peppercorns

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Chef Lewis, developed his love for cooking in his teen years but his love for food started much younger than that. Food culture has always been an uninhibited journey growing up on the west coast of British Columbia, with cuisines from all over the world at the tip of your tongue, and a father showing that men can have a passion for cooking food, it wasn’t long before Codey was honing his culinary skills in restaurants all around Vancouver.

Grasping for even more food knowledge Chef Codey enrolled At the Prestigious Art institute of Vancouver, where he developed alongside the industry’s most renowned Chefs, including Canada’s own Chef Ned Bell.

The drive to understand and explore different food cultures has taken Codey all over the world tasting foods from Places such as; Mexico, Thailand, South China, Korea, the Caribbean,throughout the United States and Western Europe as well.

​Now with over 10 years in kitchens and hotels behind him he spends his time focusing on serving the best Southern comfort food and French Canadian Classics.

His Next goal as a Chef is break into the food truck market and bring his tasty food right to the people. With great dishes inspired by the flavors of The Smoking Gun Pepper Co.

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